Thursday, February 4, 2010


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Anonymous said...

What a great way to remember Kathryn - her beauty and spirit really come through in the pictures.

Best wishes,

feuertrunken said...

This is a beautiful memorial. I wish I could have gotten to know Kathryn better, and to sample some of her churros, which I am told were the best in the world.

Joining in your sorrow,

womanofsteel said...

Thank you for putting together this beautiful memorial to Kathryn. In the short time I knew her she became such a good friend. I am sad we did not have more time with her.
With much saddness,
Marcia and Alan

Manuel Márquez-Sterling said...

We met Kathryn Aranda only once. It was at a dinner party her husband Rembert had arranged so their daughter Olivia, who had read my first novel, could ask me all sorts of questions about it. Perhaps the sum of time that Kathryn and I were able to talk on a one to one basis were 10 or 15 minutes. But It was enough to realize that she was a special person. And one who was loved profoundly by her family and that she reciprocated it in the same measure. Besides love, her eyes were also full of wisdom. I was struck by it. They were those that only require a brief glance to understand. That is the type of companion who is totally irreplaceable. But also someone that in reality never departs to the other side of the world. Her love and wisdom are now part of both Rembert and Olivia for the rest of their lives. And for it they are the better. For in the end the harshness of the abrupt and cruel separation will yield its place to the profound sweetness of her remembrance. I know this.

Gloria and Manuel Márquez-Sterling

getby+ said...

Thanks for this wonderful memorial website. Condolences to family and friends. I immediately liked Kathryn, and it was very enjoyable meeting such a special person. I know the loss is great.

Best wishes to the family,
Bill Carson

Fleep Tuque said...

I knew Kathryn by her online name of Taffy Taliaferro, she was a dear friend and neighbor in the virtual town of Chilbo. Just this evening I was walking by the memorial we placed for her and thinking of what a warm, sweet lady she was, and how glad I was to know her.

I was hoping to reach her husband or another family member to ask permission to include Kathryn/Taffy in the annual Second Life Community Convention printed program. It is an annual tradition to honor those we have lost from the community since our last meeting, and we would like to include Taffy's name if the family is comfortable with us doing so. If not that is ok, either way please know that she is still missed and remembered by her friends in the metaverse.

Sending best wishes and warmest regards,

- Chris/Fleep

Fleep Tuque
Founder & Executive Director
Chilbo Community Building Project

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