Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Judith Denton Jones remembrance

Kathryn, Taffy as I knew her, had such an open mind, sharing her wit and wisdom freely. She introduced me to many ideas about design - in city planning, after we met in 1971, in rugs, in small-scale drawings, in clothes, in cooking.

We shared an office on the 24th floor of the NYC planning commission, 2 floors about where the elevators stopped. Our common interests continued beyond that phase of our lives. We shared our house for awhile when she and Kate returned from England, and we watched our girls grow up together.

Taffy and Rem are "early adopters" of innovations. They introduced us to Apple computers and programming, to energy efficient designs house designs, to new tent designs for camping. Taffy had recently created a "blog" template for our small non-profit organization's web site.

With a light and lively touch, Taffy contributed so much, and we miss her enormously already.

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