Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Memoriam for Kathryn (Pat Dowling)

She was my friend, my confidante, my co-worker and my Honorable Elected Sister at the New Hampshire House of Representatives. She knew everything about everything and, if she didn't, she found the answers either from Rem or through research.

How she loved to tend to her property. She had flowers, plants, and even waterfalls as she rejoiced in these tasks and proudly expounded on her creations.
She was an excellent Realtor, a lucrative position in southern New Hampshire. She passed the rigorous exam on her first attempt, not at all daunted by the difficult questions. She approached the profession as a social worker having the incredible gift of listening. She always found the most suitable house for the right clients no matter how long it took. The power of persistence came naturally to her,

Together,we ran for election as Republicans to the NH House of Representatives. hoping for victory. There were several seats open. At the end of the day when the votes were tallied, we were reluctant to personally make appearances for fear of losing. Instead, Rem, Kathryn and I watched the local television station to await the results. There was much laughter, clapping and hand shaking when our victories were announced. Even Rem was excited though he was always positive of the outcome.

Kathryn approached the statehouse in her usual manner, with a smile (always) and her soft spoken voice. Again, her abilities to listen, absorb and speak became her trademarks. She soon became the Clerk of her committee and colleagues from both sides of the aisle sought her out. She ran for reelection and won again then did so for a third time, always victorious.

How she loved her daughter Kate. She was so proud of her intelligence and many accomplishments. She mentioned her everyday. This child was beautiful though modest, pensive though cordial and, like her mother, thoughtful and always smiling.Kathryn and Rem had definite goals relative to her education and Kathryn drove hours everyday so Kate could matriculate at the very best schools. This child was brilliant and, I imagine, still is.

Yes, she was my friend, my mentor and a Lady I loved very much. My memories with her and of her are priceless and she will remain in my heart forever. When it is my turn to crossover, Kathryn will be waiting with a smile and opened arms. I will see you then my friend.

Pat Dowling

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